About the Club

Maryland Polo Club is situated in the heart of Monkton’s horse country where all equestrian disciplines are prevalent.  The Club has continued to remain a family tradition as well as a USPA Match venue for 33 years. Our season is open between June and September. Levels of competition range from Intermediate to Professional Goal. As well, Maryland Polo Club hosts a WCT Qualifier.

Our club is a diverse mix of players, supporters, volunteers, and friends. At Maryland Polo Club, international professionals share the field with experienced amateurs, Intercollegiate and Interscholastic All-Stars, rising junior players, and beginners of all ages. The polo is both competitive and ideal for player development. It is also exciting for spectators. Volunteerism is key to our club’s enduring success. All of our members and supporters do so much to contribute, and cannot be thanked enough.

Matches are played 6pm on Fridays and 11am on Sundays.


Maryland Polo Club celebrates 30 years practicing an age old tradition.