Tented Events

Tented Event Package Cost: $1,000.00

Maryland Polo offers a tent for your use that can accommodate 50 guests seated or twice that if not seated. The tent is located at a prime field side reserved location. You bring your own caterer and drinks of your choice and also any tables or chairs you need. The package also includes:

  • Promotion of your event and/or links to your company on our website and Facebook Page.
  • FREE admission and parking for all your guests.
  • One reserved field-side parking spot next to the tent.
  • A description of the game and its rules to hand out to your guests.
  • Recognition as the game sponsor over the public address system and any other half time announcements you would like, as your guests are on the field divot-stomping (Champagne glass in hand if you make that part of your event).
  • Optional game ball throw-in by a key client or other designee of yours.
  • The option of a flier handed out at the entrance gate to other attendees (we have many regular patrons and subscribers plus ad hoc attendance for all our games).


Reserved Fieldside Events

Reserved Fieldside Event Package Cost: $250.00

For smaller events, Maryland Polo offers a reserved double parking space that would allow you to either park your cars to tailgate or use the space for your own small tailgating-type tent. If you park your cars you will still have room for a small table and some folding chairs between your cars and the match. This option would be suitable for a smaller event of 20-25 people. You bring your own caterer and drinks of your choice and also any tables or chairs you need. The package also includes:

  • Announcement of your event on our website and Facebook pages
  • FREE admission for up to 25 guests and free off-field parking
  • Optional game ball throw-in by a key client or other designee of yours along with an announcement
  • Recognition of your event at half-time


Custom Events

Reserved Fieldside Event Package Cost: Varies

For large events such as charitable/fundraising events with expected attendance of 100 or more, Maryland Polo can provide a custom experience. This would be suitable for events where you require a large tented area and will have other activities such as children’s activities, silent and/or live auctions. Costs will vary depending on the size of the field-side area you need us to reserve and the degree of customization of promotional activities you plan.

Other custom event ideas include:

  • Corporate Polo Clinic
  • Employee Appreciation Picnic
  • Product Promotion Such as Wine or Food Tastings

About Our Spectators

Polo is experiencing strong worldwide growth as a sport as evidenced by the vibrancy of the Maryland Polo Club and its many up and coming young players.  Clubs across the country have seen an increase in membership and new clubs spring up regularly. Attendance of polo by the public has also increased and with new programs in place to grow the sport, polo is rapidly becoming more accessible both to play and watch. Polo Magazine offers the following demographics about the polo fan:

  • The average household income of a polo spectator is above $500,000 annually.
  • The average age is 47.
  • Over 90% are college educated.
  • Over 80% stay at five star hotels.
  • Average number of leisure trips per year: 6
  • Average number of business trips per year: 12
  • Women are the fastest growing segment of the sport today.

Maryland Polo Club offers an exceptional event venue alongside an evening of polo.

Every Friday at 6p.m. and Sunday morning at 11a.m. from June to September, Maryland Polo Club showcases both local talent and invited teams during club matches and Untied States Polo Association sanctioned tournaments. We have an exciting year planned and hope you will take advantage of this cost effective and fun way to host clients, employees or to support your local charity.

Please contact Maryland Polo Club at or 443-608-2936 for more information and registering your event.

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